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Vibe of Being Alive!

June 25, 2010

Relay logoTonight my family and I watched the movie Extraordinary Measures with Harrison Ford and Branden Fraiser. It is the story of the great lengths a Father will go to find the cure for the disease that threatens to take the lives of two of his kids. This weekend, there will be many of us walking, decorating luminaria bags, buying tee-shirts and bake sale items and many other things to raise money….so that we can stop cancer from taking the lives of so many that we love. I will walk in celebration of being alive! Because of all of the cancer research that has happened already, I get to watch my beautiful teenage daughter get on her first cheerleading team. I’m alive to see my son Sam pick out cool sunglasses and my step-son Colin prepare to leave for college. I got to take pictures of my 17 year old stepson Cameron take his gorgeous girlfriend to prom. I celebrated my wedding anniversary with my wonderful husband. I coached a client on how to communicate with an employee to make work a better place. I helped a friend who had lost a job and another who lost a marriage. I got to contribute to this wonderful, painful, joyful, frustrating, laughable thing called life. All because people walked, prayed, donated, and cared. If you have ever been touched by the effects of cancer, please join my huge family of survivors and those that support and love them, in walking and Smiling for a cure this weekend at Los Medanos College on Saturday at 9:00am to Sunday at 9:00am. We will have at least one person from our team on the track for 24 hours. Please come join us…even for just a few laps. If you can’t join us, send your prayers…and send a little money to help the fight.   And thank you….from all the people like me who will live because of people like you…
God Bless!

Jody Bagno-Dill

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