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20 Years of Sober Vibe!

August 26, 2009
How I feel inside.

How I feel inside.

Today’s blog is on a more personal note. Yesterday, I celebrated 20 years of being sober….alcohol and drug free…What a gift! I remember what my life was like back then….messy, chaotic, total irritability and restless incomprehensible demoralization….just to give a picture. Today, although sometimes messy and a little chaotic…hey, I have 3 teenagers and a little guy, it is still infinitely better than what it was.

Okay…enough mush…so I wanted to go to a little meeting last night and pick up my birthday medallion. The first one I raced to, happened to be a Men’s only meeting…great!  So I took off hoping to make it to another meeting that had already started downtown. As I got close, I thought I had better look at its classification before I went in…Gay Men only….terrific….grrrr. One last shot, boy, what a funny story this would be at the Walnut Creek meeting downtown. It was packed. I snuck in the back and several kind people moved over to give me access to a seat in the middle. Just as I sat down and looked around, I saw women..check…men…check…combinations of potentially gay and straight people….check…business handouts….che…WAIT….Business handouts????? I was in an Intergroup Rep meeting….not a recovery meeting!!! And I was stuck in the middle! No, I did not take it as a message from God to get involved. I trampled over   snuck out quietly and went home. No chip/medallion in hand….  Today I try again…  Vibe = Perserverance anyway…  Off to try it again at the oldtimers lunch meeting at my church.