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The Vibe of Vision

September 6, 2010

The metaphor for vision is the mountainWhen your organization achieves all of its objectives and goals, what will the world look like?  This is the how vision is defined.

Vision is the “snapshot” or still picture. It is best described using nouns, not verbs. We use the metaphor of the mountain. Vision is the ultimate and final destination. However; your vision has to be compelling and  inspiring to everyone in your organization…all the way to the front lines…not just the executive team.


3. Martin Luther King, Jr., a civil rights act...

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 In Dr. Martin Luther King‘s “I have a dream” speech, he used many word pictures to describe what his vision looked like,”..I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.”  Dr. King went on for 10 minutes describing the world he desired. He described it with clear pictures and invoked powerful emotions.  That is vision.

Vision usually outlives the visionary.

Yesterday, Roger and I drove to Santa Cruz, Ca to hear a young pastor preach what his vision was for the church. We have spent time with the leadership team of Faith Community Church in helping them create a strategic plan to carry out their vision while fulfilling their purpose. This amazing team of guys (who could easily be mistaken for beatnik or surfer dudes), are passionate about transforming the city of Santa Cruz into a “safe and thriving community…” They are working tirelessly to partner with leadership teams of other churches and government agencies to achieve this bold and audacious vision.

It was one of the most inspiring and compelling talks I have ever heard.

Pastor Andy described in detail what his city will look like when they have achieved all of their objectives.  In less than 30 minutes, he addressed areas that included Family, Religion, Education, Arts/Entertainment/, Media, Business and Government.

People got excited…very excited. 

People are looking to be a part of something bigger than themselves that they can contribute to in meaningful ways.

When was the last time you painted a picture for those you lead in a compelling and inspiring way…in a way that moves emotions…in a way that clearly articulates where your organization is headed and why it is going there?

Vision describes what your mountain will look like when you get there. Mission is defined as the methods of how you will get to the mountain. It is the “vehicle” you drive to get to your destination. Mission is described using verbs and action.  Too many leaders confuse the two.

a confused employeeWe have a saying, “A confused mind says, ‘No’.” Do your employees have absolute clarity about what your mountain looks like? Walk around and ask them how they would describe your company vision. Author Patrick Lencioni says, “You know you have communicated effectively when  your people can impersonate you.”

Would they all answer with the same answer? If not, you know where to start. Communicating vision aligns your team. Companies don’t have vision, people do. What’s your vision?

And if you need help creating one…please call us…we are passionate about creating a world in which healthy Vibe is the standard…in the workplace, in the home and in the community. And it all starts with a compelling and inspiring vision.