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Easy Elevator Pitches

June 28, 2014



How is your Elevator Pitch?

We complicate our business elevator pitches….and then we stink at them. We sound awkward, clunky and unnatural.

At least that was my experience this week…with my own pitch (if I am honest.)

I spent this week in Philadelphia, PA with my good friend Imelda Alejandrino, CEO of AP42. We attended and co-exhibited at the Women’s Business Enterprise National Conference (WBENC).  It is a phenomenal gathering of the Supplier Diversity Managers of major corporations and sales representatives from Certified-Women-Owned business.  Many corporations have made a commitment  to award a number of vendor contracts to businesses owned by women and minorities.

Everyone needed to have a good pitch to share about their own business.

We set up a booth dedicated to coaching people on how well they “pitched” their products and services.  We had a ball! Our booth was constantly full of teachable people hungry to learn memorable ways to talk about their offerings.

We made it simple.

For quality promotion, just answer 3 questions and do it as succinctly as possible…

  1. What do you fix?
  2. Who do you help, and/or
  3. Why are you different?

If you can answer those questions in that order…you will stand out.  The biggest mistake we observed is that people tried to include every possible scenario their company could address in their pitch.  Remember, a pitch is merely a conversation-starter, a way to inspire curiosity and invite further conversation, not an entire marketing campaign.

Here are a few examples:

Some of these people started with lengthy explanations about their business. We helped them whittle them down to:

  1. I put fashion and style back into the world of ugly uniforms. (Uniform Supply company)
  2. Do you ever worry that your personal information will fall into the hands of the wrong people? We fix that. (Document Shredding company)
  3. We breathe new life into old equipment for big companies. (Equipment refurbishment company)

These communication teasers were easier to remember and more fun to say, which immediately increased the amount of enthusiasm in the delivery.

How is your elevator pitch? Need some help? Send either Imelda or myself and email and we would be happy to help!

Happy Pitching!



A Young Entrepreneur’s VIBE

May 2, 2009
Young Entrepreneurs with great VIBE

Young Entrepreneurs with great VIBE

  I love to help excited people with good ideas get a business off the ground and humming! I had the pleasure of having coffee with an amazing young man who has a great future ahead of him. Faced in his early twenties with a surprise baby on the way, my friend Matt chose to create a future of hope and stability for his son. He finished college in about 1/2 the time it takes others and launched a new company called GoAutoAds. He has fleets of drivers all over the country that will have their cars wrapped with your logo and artwork and drive them all day within your target demographic area. For example, if you want to advertise a tanning salon, he finds drivers that attend the nearest colleges. The drivers are also briefed on how to talk about your company and pass out brochures wherever they go. Additionally, you can hire anywhere from 1-50 drivers. The exposure is amazing and it is way more cost effective than print advertising or radio or even TV!!! Check out his website

He is just about ready to launch a new website so be patient with him…but really, check it out.  Matt has everything it takes to be a great success! He’s got energy, high standards of excellence, professionalism (he wore a tie to have coffee), a great idea and an outstanding work ethic. He is a stand up guy that you need to know about!

Go Matt! GoAutoAds!