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Does Kindness Impact Your Bottom-Line?

September 11, 2015


Kindness…is it a lost art because the impact and benefits are not immediately visible? Are we  so rushed, overly-busy and emotionally exhausted that we no longer have the mental bandwidth to consider an act of kindness? And if so, what is the lack of acts of kindness costing us personally and professionally?

In the last several months, our company has been discussing how many of our clients have transformed their own organizations.  We provide consulting services to corporations, non-profit organizations and churches. Most of the time we are asked to come into fairly healthy organizations to assist the leadership team with creating and implementing strategy; however, occasionally, we are called in to help settle major leadership disputes, potential church splits, murmurings of labor organization, and just plain bad Vibe on teams.

These dilemmas are almost always given birth in poor conversational skills and someone’s inability to extend tenderness and gracious hospitality to another.  A harsh comment, a lack of recognition, or a leader’s inability to care for those they lead can foster hurt feelings, resentment, disengagement and even begin thoughts of either leaving or lawsuits.

Lack of kindness kills profit and organizational impact.

The Challenge
When was the last time you did something thoughtful for someone you work alongside, or someone that reports to you? Do they have a sick parent? Bring a meal. Are they juggling too much in life? Find them some assistance.  Are they struggling with a personal issue? Ask what you can do to be helpful.

The easiest, least expensive form of kindness with the highest return? Genuine appreciation expressed in writing. When you write it down, they can read it over and over and relive the feelings of warmth and gratitude for the rest of their lives.

It’s funny…I never remember an employee complain to me that their boss or co-worker showed them too much appreciation.

Want to change the Vibe in your workplace? Do something kind for someone else…do it often and watch the culture of your company change.

I spoke to an attorney down the hall from my office and he said, “Every single lawsuit could have been avoided with quality communication skills and small acts of kindness.”

Quality conversations are the key to healthy culture.

Look back on the major disputes, miscommunication and even, lawsuits, your organization has been involved in, and ask yourself…What difference would care, concern, and kindness have made early in the development of this situation?

How much money and distraction would have been saved?

It is never too late to begin extending care, grace and thoughtful kindness to the people with whom you share your day.